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Forget the hassle of finding the perfect font from a list of fonts or finding a particular style online just to use it on a single post. Save your time and effort by visiting our online cursed text generator. Writing in a simple font is too boring and with your content being written in the cursed text the readers would be intrigued to read it out.


One of the most difficult tasks on social media is to create a unique appearance for your profile. To stand out among the crowd you are required to do something different. The cursed font would definitely put you on a different level whether you are using it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, etc. You are not required to use the standard fonts anymore because you’ve gotFontalicat your side. There are hundreds of different font options available on our platform and using them is as easy as copy and pasting the content.

One of the most interesting aspects of Fontalic is that the platform is free to use. All the services and fonts available atthis online sitecan be used without any kind of subscription. You just have to visit the website and you can experiment with hundreds of different font styles. No need to remember theUnicodefor each font as you just have to put your content in the text box and click the “generate” option for changing the font.

Copy & Paste Cursed Font

Experimenting with various fonts on our online platform isn’t at all difficult. You are just required to provide the content without having to remember the ASCII codes for the characters. The cursed font is a slanting text and it suits the profiles with modern content especially if you are posting about action movies or action stuff. Ifyour bio or postsare written in such a font it would definitely attract the attention of your followers. It is important to produce valuable content and it is equally important to present it in the most suitable way.

The Cursed Font Generator gives you the capability to paste the content in the text box and convert it into cursed font by just pushing the “Generate” option. Once you’ve got the converted text you can copy and paste it on various social media platforms of your choice.

Using Cursed Text

Cursed text can be used on different social media platforms and on different occasions. It is all about getting the attention of the audience and creating something unique. Some of you may think that putting out content in such a funky font would be weird but it could be really interesting for your audience. People are fed up of viewing similar font style everywhere online.

Your content in the cursed text would be like a breath of fresh air for them. It could also make your profile alive with engagement graphs going upwards and would certainly boost your popularity online. If your target audience includes young people you definitely need to use this font in your posts.


  • Steve Jobs attended the calligraphy class at Reed College Oregon and got inspired by it so much, that he decided to include many fonts in the Mac computers
  • Declaration of independence of USA was printed in the font Caslon, which was a very popular British font.
  • Hermann Zapf created the palantino, poptima and Zapfino fonts as he was an advocate for font rights
  • Gotham became popular because Obama used it for his presidential campaign
  • Hermann Zapf created the palantino, poptima and Zapfino fonts as he was an advocate for font rights
  • Gotham became popular because Obama used it for his presidential campaign
What is Cursed Font?

Cursed font is a funky text style which is also known as “messed up” text. It’s hard to read but that is the beauty of it. It has been used in various horror movies and videos since its inception and it is being used even today.

How Does Cursed Font Generator Work?

The cursedFont Generatorworks in a really simple way. You need to open the website and place the content in the text box. With the click of the “generate” option all the content will be changed into “cursed font”.

Can I Convert Simple Text into Cursed Font?

Yes, you can convert simple text into cursed font using Fontalic. The text generator is available free of cost on the platform. With a few clicks, all the content would be converted into cursed font instantly.

Can I Copy Paste Free?

Yes, you cancopy-pastethe content without spending any kind of money. Your content in cursed font would be available for copy-paste on any social media or website of your choice.

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Cursed Font Text Generator | (2024)


What is the cursed text called? ›

Zalgo text, also known as cursed text or glitch text due to the nature of its use, is digital text that has been modified with numerous combining characters, Unicode symbols used to add diacritics above or below letters, to appear frightening or glitchy.

How to get Zalgo text? ›

Simply navigate to (You are reading the same on this page, you can ask your friend to visit the page). You just need to type in the normal text in the text field area and on the other side, the resultant Zalgo Text is generated that can be copied and pasted anywhere.

What is the font generator? ›

A font generator is a tool which allows you to change the way text is formatted.

What is a Zalgo? ›

Zalgo is an ominous being who has the ability to induce insanity, death and total destruction of the whole world. Zalgo is very similar to works of H. P. Lovecraft. Zalgo may refer to: Zalgo (Creepypasta) Zalgo (Slenderverse)

What is the weird text font called? ›

What is Weird Text? The weird font is also known as the “Zalgo Text” whereas many users call it “Crazy Text”. The weird font contains a special Unicode that has a specific notation to create diacritic signs. You can use our creepy text generator to generate weird letters from ASCII symbols within seconds.

Is Zalgo a creepypasta? ›

Zalgo is an Internet legend about an ominous entity believed to cause insanity, death and destruction of the world, similar to the creature Cthulhu created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s. Zalgo is often associated with scrambled text on webpages and photos of people whose eyes and mouth have been covered in black.

What is the glitchy font? ›

Glitch text, also known as Zalgo text or cursed text, is text created from Unicode with “diacritics“. Unicode lets diacritics to be stacked together since some languages require this. However, when applied to regular text and amplified, the result is text that looks glitchy or glitchy.

Can you make text bolder? ›

Type the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+B.

Who decided cuss words were bad? ›

No one in particular did, but let's just think. Swear words are very expressive, some would say shocking depending on the occasion. But that's actually their function. If they stop being tabooed, new ones would take place, filling up the linguistic vacuum.

Which language has no swear words? ›

Unless you're speaking Esperanto, it's best to cover your ears. It's been suggested people can't swear in Japanese or Finnish, but the rumours are wrong in both cases - the only languages in which one cannot swear are 'artificial' ones such as Esperanto.

Is FontSpace safe and free? ›

FontSpace is your home for designer-centered, legitimate, and clearly licensed free fonts. You can use our font generator to create fonts that are easy to copy and paste into your website, social media profiles, and more. All you have to do is type some text into the input box.

What font do Gucci use? ›

Gucci uses Granjon Roman font for the two interlocking Gs that appear on Gucci's badge. This is also the font used for the company's wordmark. The Gucci wordmark is classic, clean, and contemporary. The logotype used in the logo is a smooth serif, while the Gucci double Gs are sans serif.

What is the Dolly font? ›

Dolly is a book typeface with flourishes. The family consist out of four fonts. Dolly Regular is neutral and useful for long texts, and uses old-style figures. Dolly Italic is narrower and lighter in colour than the roman, and can be used to emphasize words within roman text.

How to get glitched text in Minecraft? ›

  1. By typing the section symbol: §
  2. Followed by letter k.
  3. Then it creates an animated sequence font.
  4. So, type a letter or number and the symbol will be animated.
  5. like this: §k1.
  6. If you want it to be ur name.
  7. You can make it look like ur name on chat.
  8. You'll need to be granted as operator.
Jul 30, 2022

Who invented the Zalgo text? ›

Zalgo is the brainchild of Dave Kelly (aka "Shmorky"), a Flash animator and Something Awful "goon". It was first mentioned (but not seen) in parodies of syndicated newspaper comics on a semi-secret page on his official site.

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