My Disney Experience | Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

How can I link my Disney Resort hotel booking in My Disney Experience?

If you have booked directly with Walt Disney Travel Company International, you can use your 8-digit booking confirmation number and surname to link your Disney Resort hotel reservation in My Disney Experience. Simply visit, login to your account and select My Reservations from the My Disney Experience menu at the top-right of the page.

How can I link my e-ticket in My Disney Experience?

You can use your e-ticket reference number located under the barcode of your Ticket Confirmation to link your tickets in My Disney Experience.

I just booked my Walt Disney World Holiday – why can’t I link my reservation in My Disney Experience?

If you have recently made a booking you will need to wait 48 hours to be able to link your booking in My Disney Experience. Please note access to Dining reservations only opens 60 days before arrival.

What is a Disney band?

Disney bands are secure all-in-one devices that allow you to effortlessly access the plans and vacation choices that you’ve made with My Disney Experience. Disney bands are colorful, waterproof wristbands - resembling a watch or bracelet - that you can quickly and easily touch to a sensor called a touch point.

How can I personalise my Disney band?

Disney bands can no longer be personalised by Guests. However, you have the option to purchase a Disney band from your Disney Resort hotel or at World of Disney including limited-edition and custom design bands.

Why are you no longer offering complimentary Disney bands?

Disney bands are no longer provided complimentary with Disney Resort hotel stays beginning 1st January 2021. We plan to bring Disney bands features to smart mobile devices to give Guests another option.

Do I still need a Disney band?

No, having a Disney band is no longer a necessity. Not to worry, the features associated with Disney bands, such as room entry and park entry are still fully accessible to Guests. To enjoy these benefits, Guests can choose between using their existing Disney band, by utilising the My Disney Experience app, or by visiting the front desk.

Can Guests use a Disney band from a previous visit?

Yes, Guests can reuse their Disney band. Depending on how much time has passed since they initially used the Disney band, the ability to receive Disney PhotoPass attraction videos and select attraction photos may be limited.

How do I purchase a Disney band?

Disney bands are not available to purchase before your arrival at Walt Disney World, but once you arrive, you'll have the opportunity to buy a Disney band from your Disney Resort Hotel or at World of Disney. These bands come in a variety of options, including limited-edition and custom designs.

Does a Guest without a Disney band have to visit the Front Desk upon arrival to their Disney Resort hotel?

No. Although you are free to visit the front desk, we suggest utilising the Online Check-In/Direct-to-Room service through the My Disney Experience App for a seamless and efficient experience. Guests can conveniently sign up for room ready notifications and use the app as a digital room key to enter their Disney Resort hotel room. Other important features such as park entry, and the ability to charge purchases to a resort room are now also all fully accessible to Guests through the app.

I already have an account with but I’m being asked to enter additional details on

The sign-in process for Disney accounts is changing and this is normal procedure. Please just confirm the additional fields and you will have access to both and using the same login.

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My Disney Experience | Frequently Asked Questions (2024)
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