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Disney Parks Blog released new details about the Disney Treasure Haunted Mansion Bar today. Since its ominous inception atDisneyland Parkin 1969,the Haunted Mansionand its captivating lore have ensnared the hearts of Disney Park goers, sparking three subsequent attractions, numerous film adaptations, merchandise lines, and plans for an exclusive bar onboard theDisney Treasure. The Haunted Mansion Parlor, a testament to over five decades of fandom, is set to unveil a new chapter in the Haunted Mansion saga, a chapter reserved only for the most devoted fans and potential guests.

Disney Cruise Line and Disney Imagineers are crafting a unique experience that blends the nostalgia of the original Haunted Mansion with a new nautical storyline. The venue, designed as a ship parlour, was once the domain of ajovial sea captainand his enigmatic fiancé. As guests explore the bar, they’ll uncover clues that may reveal the truth behind the couple’s mysterious disappearance.

As part of the Halfway to Halloween celebration here on theDisney Parks Blog, I am thrilled to guide you through the unveiling of a few of the Haunted Mansion Parlor’s long-kept secrets. This journey promises to be as thrilling as the attraction itself.

Something Seems Fishy About This Aquarium

When plans for the original Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland were well underway, celebrated Disney ImagineerRolly Crumpproposed a creative concept for a “Museum of the Weird” exhibit. As the final design took shape,many of Rolly’s initial ideas were realizedthroughout the attraction. However, a few of his concepts remained in the vault, living on thanks to dedicated fans and Disney historians. One such concept was a mysterious aquarium filled with ghost fish.More than fifty years later,a new generation of Disney Imagineers referenced the sketch Rolly developed to create a modern “Aquarium with Ghost Fish” for the Haunted Mansion Parlor.

Blending nostalgia with a fresh layer of lore, the aquarium will fold into the curious backstory of theparlour’sformer sea captain owner. Legends passed down from The Captain’s devoted crew recount how hewas last seenheading to hisparlourfor a special meal prepared by his betrothed. All that remained after The Captain and his brideseeminglyvanished was his hat, whichwas foundfloating in the aquarium tank. Perhaps his disappearance grants a new meaning to “fish food.”

An Eerie Art Collection

The Haunted Mansion Parlor’s eerie portrait gallery will depict some of the wandering souls that have taken up residence onboard the Disney Treasure. The collection of works will be reminiscent of the quintessential paintings inside the Haunted Mansion attraction, mimicking the art stylings used by Disney Imagineers in 1969. The portrait gallery will also incorporate present-day technologies to allowghostlyresidents to entertain guests in new ways.

Famed Disney animator Marc Davis created the concept for The Mariner.The portrait now occupies the halls of the attractionsatWalt Disney World ResortandTokyo Disney Resort. The Mariner’s story will be taken to new depths when he takes his place in the Haunted Mansion Parlor on the DisneyTreasure, which will continue to uphold Marc Davis’ impactful legacy.

A distinguished portrait of thegood-humouredsea captain will also grace the walls of the Haunted Mansion Parlor. His lifelong dream of serving on a luxury ocean liner was cut short after his untimely demise, but his merry soullingeredin his privateparlour.

The likeness of The Captain’s enigmatic bride-to-be will take cues from Marc Davis’ iconic “cat lady” concept, whichwas also featuredin the original attraction. Inside the Haunted Mansion Parlor, her portrait will flicker to reveal hertrueform and,perhaps, her true intentions.

Tales of the doomed couple’s first encounterallbegan when The Captain received a dramatic distress transmission from another vessel. He wasted no time in altering his course to aid in the rescue, but as he neared the source of the call, he found only a mangled wreckage and a lone survivor – a woman floating amongst the debris. With bright green eyes, chestnut hair and a golden key hanging about her neck, it is no wonder that The Captainwas immediately takenby her beauty. The pair became inseparable and were soon engaged tobe wed.

A Ghostly Line of Drinkware

The portraits insidethe HauntedMansion Parlor will alsoinspirea Disney Cruise Line-exclusive commemorative mug collection that will debut onboard the Disney Treasure.The ceramic mugs will appearcarved from a ghost ship’s worn wooden planks.These early sketches and models illustrate the first in a series coming to the Disney Treasure – one inspired by The Mariner and the other by The Captain’s Bride.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will begin welcoming foolish mortals when the Disney Treasure sets sail on itsmaiden voyage on Dec. 21. For more information about Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, check out theDisney Treasure Ship’s Log seriesor head

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New Details about the Haunted Mansion Bar on the Disney Treasure - The Disney Cruise Family Travel Blog (2024)
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