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11 trending gifts that Gen Zs must own as they enter 2024 - all of which are TikTok approved

The festive season has officially arrived, which means there’s only one thing on the nation’s minds… presents!

But with 2023 retail prices not passing the vibe check, the global student living operator and brand, Yugo, has done the gifting research for you – and is here to spill the tea on the hot (and budget friendly) items that will be on every Gen Z’s wish list this December.

We’ve all heard of #tiktokmademebuyit, but which viral items are actually worth a look? Yugo has trawled the internet to find the latest on-trend gifts, so you’re sure to find the perfect pressie for your pals (or yourself, of course!) in this handy Christmas gift guide. The best bit? They’re all £20 and under.

P.S – Don’t forget to secure that extra saving with your student discount! Check out Yugo’s faves at the end of the guide. Let’s go-ho-ho!

1) Stanley Cup Dupe

Stanley Cups are hot right now. Head online and you’ll find thousands of influencers and superfans raving about them – with 6.1 billion tags on TikTok alone. These giant insulated mugs are perfect for staying hydrated in lectures, and they claim to keep cold drinks chilly for up to two days.

However, they also come with a hefty price tag. So, Yugo has done some digging and found a great high street dupe from Amazon. At just £9.99, they’re a third of the price of the original, and they come in a range of cute colours for you to choose from.

Stanley Cup dupe - £9.99 from Amazon

2) Mini Waffle Maker

Mini waffle makers have been huge for a couple of years now, and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike the name suggests, these mini machines can cook so much more than just the humble Belgian waffle we all know and love. Head to TikTok and you’ll find over a million mouth-watering mini waffle maker recipes, including pizza waffles, cheese toasties, hashbrowns, omelettes, and even brownies. Are you ready to be the most popular member of the student flat?

This one by Giles & Posner is light and compact so won’t take up much space at your uni digs - and at just £12, it’s a bargain!

Mini waffle maker - £12 from George at Asda

3) Pillow Slides

Pillows for your feet? Say no more. Part-slipper, part-sandal, these pillow slides (or cloud slippers as they’re also known) are a firm TikTok favourite – with 27 million views on the trending trotters. Paired with or without socks, they’re ideal for trotting around uni halls, running errands, study sessions or chilling at the beach or swimming pool.

The branded pairs can be pricey, but we’ve found some pocket-friendly options from Amazin. They cost just under £12 and come in seven different colours. We’ll take one of each please!

Cloud slippers - £11.95 from Amazon

4) Disposable Film Camera

Influenced by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Frank Ocean, film photography is a trend that shows no sign of going anywhere - with 70k videos on TikTok already. In contrast to the posed, airbrushed imagery we’ve all become used to on social media, film cameras are making waves for their ability to capture authentic moments as they happen.

Because of the demand, prices for disposable film cameras have shot up - but you can still bag them for under £20 at Urban Outfitters. Did someone say pre-drinks photoshoot?

Disposable film camera - £16 from Urban Outfitters

5) Adanola Socks

Socks for Christmas? Ground-breaking! But these best-selling ribbed cotton Adanola socks are hugely popular with Instagram influencers and celebs like Molly-Mae, Michelle Keegan, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Available in black, grey, or white, they’re super comfy and the perfect addition to any sport-casual outfit. At just £8.99, they make a great little stocking filler too.

Adanola socks – £8.99 from Adanola

6) Ice facial tool

Whether it’s staying up late to revise, scrolling through social media, or having one too many drinks at the student union - student life can wreak havoc on your skin. Seen all over social – with 417 million mentions on TikTok alone - these ice rollers have been designed to de-puff baggy eyes and soothe tired faces. Plus, they can be used to relieve post-hangover headaches and minimise post-workout redness.

This contour mini ice facial tool from ASOS comes in five different colours, and students get an extra 10% off all year round. Everyone loves a bargain.

Contour mini ice facial tool - £15.30 from ASOS

7) We’re Not Really Strangers game

We’re Not Really Strangers, or WNRS as it’s more commonly known, is a viral card game that has taken TikTok by storm – with 39 million hashtags featuring the game. Designed to deepen your friendships and relationships by asking meaningful questions that you might not ordinarily bring up in conversation, it’s one that tops the Christmas list this year for sure.

Featuring 150 thought-provoking question cards, it’s the ideal way to get to know your uni mates a little better. Just a word of warning – you might want to get the tissues ready – tears are almost guaranteed in this game!

WNRS card game - £18 at Urban Outfitters

8) Wavy Phone case

You can’t go wrong with a new phone case - and they make the perfect stocking filler. But straight phone cases are boring. Yes, that’s right – curves are in, with Google searches for wavy phone cases up by 1,157% year-on-year*.

Available in 10 shades, these scalloped edge beauties from Coconut Lane are loved by Instagram fashion influencers like Julia Belza and Anna-May Robey. They’re super stylish and provide extra padding – so you don’t have to worry when you drop your phone on the bathroom floor mid-selfie!

Wavy phone case - £12 from Coconut Lane London

9) Portable phone charger

A portable phone charger is the ideal gift for that friend who is always on the go. You’ll never have to worry about losing charge on a night out again. And, you can relax on the bus or train knowing your phone won’t die mid-TikTok scroll. Winning.

With over 730 million mentions on TikTok, these dinky portable phone chargers from Amazon come in an array of colours, and they’re compact and easy to carry around – so you don’t have to worry about squeezing them into that tiny baguette bag.

iWalk portable phone charger - £12.59 from Amazon

10) Pick and Mix

What is a gift that guarantees a big smile? Sweets, of course! You have no doubt fallen victim to the pick ’n’ mix videos taking TikTok by storm, but did you know you can actually buy your own personalised mix from TikTok shop?

Satisfy your sweet tooth and choose from hundreds of sweet varieties - from American cherry vines to the classic Haribo cola bottle – and your order might even be packed on TikTok live!

Pick and Mix – Starting at £1.99 from TikTok Shop

11) A gift card

We’ll be the first to admit it – sometimes Gen Z can be hard to buy for. Yes, they can be picky, and yes, it’s important to acknowledge that some trends come and go faster than we’d like. So, if all else fails, a trusty gift card is something we will never stick our nose up at.

Show your thought by selecting a brand your giftee will love – you could gift a Hello Fresh voucher for the friend who loves to cook, or an ASOS voucher for the friend who thinks pre-drinks is equivalent to London fashion week. When money is tight, the right gift card can be a life saver!

So, there you have it. Those are the top 11 budget friendly gifts we are wishing for this Christmas. Remember, there is always wiggle room to find a bargain this Christmas.

Firstly, check out VoucherCodes! On their website or handy app, you can search for brands and see what discounts are currently up for grabs – they claim to save shoppers £65million a year.

Don’t forget – you can also bag a bargain at a number of high street stores using your student discount. Make yourself an account with UniDays, StudentBeans, and TOTUM – these three powerhouses are the top ways to identify yourself as a student and release those codes!

Make sure you utilise all three, as some discounts are exclusive to one provider. Plus, most companies also offer postgraduate discounts, too, so you can keep on saving even after you have left university.  

Tech Discounts

Being a student often requires new or updated tech to help you through your course. Whether you are searching for the perfect laptop to become your new lecture companion, or want to create a wicked work-from-home setup to impress your course pals – these handy discounts will have you well on your way. 

  • Apple - 10% off selected items  

  • Currys - up to 30% off 

  • Samsung - 10% off 

  • HP Online - 40% off

  • O2 - 20% off 

  • Logitech - 25% off

  • Wix - 50% off

  • LG - up to 30% off 

  • Amazon Prime - Free six-month membership 

Household Discounts

Whether you are living in student accommodation, or a rented house with your friends, it’s no secret that home essentials can be expensive. Vacuums? Furniture? DIY? Your bank account is sweating at the thought of it. Don’t fret – it turns out that you can also secure some great discounts on household items too…

  • Dreams - 10% off 

  • Yankee Candle - 12.5% discount 

  • Shark - 10% off 

  • B&Q ‘most loved’ range - 10% off 

  • House of Fraser - 10% off 

  • Robert Dyas - 5% off 

  • Ikea - Free Ikea Family membership

Health & Beauty Discounts

Ladies and gents, repeat after us: taking care of yourself is important. Skincare is important. Taking your vitamins is important. With budgets squeezed, it can feel like a real luxury ‘treating yourself’ to a new moisturizer or some fancy supplements. Luckily, with these handy discounts, self-care doesn’t have to feel so indulgent. 

  • Lloyds Pharmacy - 15% off 

  • Boots - 10% off

  • Cult Beauty - 20% off 

  • Revolution Beauty - 10% off 

  • Wild Deodorants – 15% off

  • GHD - 20% off  

  • The Body Shop - 15% discount

  • St Moriz - 25% off 

  • Holland and Barrett - 20% off 

  • Sephora - 15% off

Fashion Discounts

From lecture looks to clubbing couture, developing your own style is part-and-parcel of becoming a student. Your wardrobe is sure to develop throughout your years at university, so securing a style steal is the perfect way to ensure your passion for fashion doesn’t burn a hole in your (very trendy) wallet.

  • Asos - 10% off 

  • Boohoo Man - 40% off 

  • Boux Avenue - 20% off

  • Office - 10% off 

  • Schuh - 10% off 

  • Ugg - 10% off 

  • Pretty Little Thing - 27% discount

  • Sports Direct - 10% discount (when you spend over £35) 

  • Gymshark - 10% off 

  • Adidas - 35% off 

Travel Discounts

During the summer and winter breaks, there is no better feeling than stepping onto a plane (or train, coach, bus – even hopping on a bike to be honest) and getting out of town for a while. Whether you’re looking to daytrip into a Great British nature filled scene or have plans for something more tropical in the pipeline – these dazzling discounts will help you on your merry way.

  • National Trust - up to 50% off 

  • Trainline - 20% off your digital railcard

  • Ryanair - 10% off 

  • Hotels.com - 10% off 

  • National Express - 15% off 

  • Jet2 - £25 off each booking 

  • National Rail - 1/3 off train tickets 

  • Marriott Hotels - 20% off 

Food and Drink Discounts

Grocery shopping and eating out is expensive - we hear you. That cheeky mid-week pizza is now becoming a once-a-month treat because the cost has gone up so much. It sucks. But, with these delicious discounts at hand, your foodie fantasies can become reality – well, within reason.  

  • Co-op - 10% off 

  • Nandos - 20% off

  • Dominos - 35% off

  • Leon - 15% off 

  • Yo Sushi - 20% off 

  • Hotel Chocolate - 10% off 

  • Tortilla - 10% off 

To find out more about Yugo, please visit here.

TitkTop 2024 Gifts Guides for Gen Z | Student Spill | Yugo (2024)
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