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Twitch clip maker with the best video editing tools

VEED’s Twitch clip maker lets you create short-form content from your longer videos using AI tools. Make YouTube and TikTok videos. You can also resize them for Twitch TV! Turn your text into compelling visuals by combining tools like AI text-to-speech and stock media. Or use our artificial intelligence text-to-video tool. It’s a complete Twitch clip editor.

Tools you can use to make Twitch clips with AI:

Step 1

Generate images and scripts with AI

Let our AI software generate art and images for you instantly! Use our AI image generator and create videos from images. Add sound effects, background music, and more! You can also use our AI Script Generator to generate video scripts automatically.

Step 2

Use our AI text-to-voice tool!

Add narrations and voiceovers to your video using AI text-to-speech! Click Audio from the left menu and select Text to Speech. Type or paste your text into the text field and click Add to Project. You can also translate your spoken audio using the AI voice dubber.

Step 3

Add media from our stock library

Select clips from our royalty-free stock media library to add to your video. You can add stock music, sound effects, and even video clips! You can also start with our customizable video templates.

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Watch this walkthrough of our Twitch clip maker:

Craft and edit videos to Twitch clips with user-friendly tools

Craft and edit engaging Twitch clips effortlessly with our user-friendly video editing suite. Instantly edit, enhance, and share your stories with videos of 60 seconds or less, making every moment count. Clone your voice to use your voice profile for instant narrations.

Manual editing meets AI for your Twitch clips

With VEED’s manual video editing tools and artificial intelligence, you can effortlessly tell stories that engage your audience. Convert text to voiceovers with our voice generator. You can also use AI avatars and use the same TTS technology to make talking avatars.

Creative possibilities with zero hassle on content creation

Experience seamless Twitch clips creation with our innovative platform. Unlock a world of possibilities as you effortlessly produce engaging content with our intuitive tools, leaving the technicalities behind. You can even add images, subtitles, and annotations in a cinch!

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Loved by creators.

Loved by the Fortune 500

VEED has been game-changing. It's allowed us to create gorgeous content for social promotion and ad units with ease.

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Max Alter
Director of Audience Development, NBCUniversal

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I love using VEED. The subtitles are the most accurate I've seen on the market. It's helped take my content to the next level.

Twitch Clip Maker - Make Videos with AI - VEED.IO (3)

Laura Haleydt
Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

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I used Loom to record, Rev for captions, Google for storing and Youtube to get a share link. I can now do this all in one spot with VEED.

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Cedric Gustavo Ravache
Enterprise Account Executive, Cloud Software Group

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VEED is my one-stop video editing shop! It's cut my editing time by around 60%, freeing me to focus on my online career coaching business.

Twitch Clip Maker - Make Videos with AI - VEED.IO (7)

Nadeem L
Entrepreneur and Owner,

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When it comes to amazing videos, all you need is VEED

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Twitch clip maker with AI tools and more!

On VEED, you will soon discover that there are plenty of ways to create AI-generated Twitch clips from your videos. By combining AI tools, you can create videos even without your own script or footage. Plus, it’s a full suite with all the pro video editing tools you need! You can create stunning videos in just minutes—so you can streamline your content creation process. Or start with one of our customizable video templates! Explore our AI and pro video editing tools today!

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Twitch Clip Maker - Make Videos with AI - VEED.IO (2024)
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