Dwarf Fortress Stone Carving (2024)

1. Stone carver - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • 28 jan 2024 · Stone Carver is the skill associated with the Stone Carving labor. Stone carvers are responsible for creating furniture and other objects ...

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2. What the heck is "Stone Carving", and what the heck is "Mason" used for

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  • STEAM: What the heck is "Stone Carving", and what the heck is "Mason" used for

3. DF2014:Stone detailing - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • 20 dec 2022 · Since you need to smooth stone before engraving it anyway, it is a good strategy to smooth large areas to skill-up before engraving the rooms ...

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4. Stone carving - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • 21 dec 2022 · Stone carver. Навигация ...

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5. Stone carver - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

6. Tools break in one hit, regardless of material - Dwarf Fortress Bug Tracker

  • 14 feb 2020 · I've tried wooden staves modded in (which), stone and metal axes, and of course vanilla knives of all stripes. All of them wear out with ...

  • So to see if it was perhaps a fluke, or some issue with axes, I liberated a human of their carving knife and got to work. Same result, metal knifes rapidly wearing out when used in combat.

7. 23a:Fortification | Dwarf Fortress Wiki - Fandom

  • Fortifications can be carved from stone walls. Once you have chosen the wall you want to carve, smooth the stone along its length using Template:K -> Template:K ...

  • Template:QualityTemplate:Av Fortifications are arrow slits used in the defense of your fortress. They are probably most commonly used along the outside walls of your fortress so that marksdwarves and siege engines can fire at enemies from within your walls. Much like real world embrasures on battlements, their utility is limited if the enemy is close. Fortifications allow ranged attacks (including siege weapons), fireballs/breath, water, magma, steam, etc. to pass through. Archers firing through

8. the worker assignment for workshops. - Dwarf Fortress

  • Rangers and animal dissectors assigned to stone hauling duty! You can dedicate anybody to their assignments, not just workshop masters, so we could also press ...

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9. cohost! - "Dwarf Fortress - The Ruins of Pearlrim"

  • 26 dec 2022 · Not even a stone carving one, for all these statues. They must have really loved making statues. Some of them depicts creature I never heard ...

  • I sent a party of seven dwarves explore the ruins of the Pearlrim outpost, a fort that was destroyed by a gigantic monster in the last century. Every room is filled with metal forges and statues. Perhaps they were too heavy to take by the survivors and rescue teams? It's kinda odd that no other kind of workshop is here though. Not even a stone carving one, for all these statues. They must have really loved making statues. Some of them depicts creature I never heard of. Elephant men? Crab folk? ....Mud men??? A lot of them show a forgotten beast though. Kinda odd, knowing how the fort fell. I wonder if they somehow knew what was about happen.

10. Adventure Crafting - Dwarf Fortress : Genesis Mod

  • 8 sep 2010 · Knap stone scrapper. Knap stone carving knife. Knap stone axe. Knap stone needle. Knap stone whetstone. Carve bone needle. Weapon and ammo ...

  • New reactions suited for adventure mode allowed me to create a set of actions to make the Adventure Mode fun.

11. [Dwarf Fortress] with acceptable, SD graphics. - Page 6 — Penny Arcade

  • 6 dec 2022 · Stone Carving = old Mason (make rock tables) Stonecutting = old Stone Detailing (smooth wall) Mason = old Architecture (design a building ...

  • Labor > kitchen menu, but seeds and plump helmets have specific "bad dorfs, don't touch" options. Blocking things beyond those I'm unsure of.

12. [3.0] – Strike the Earth - Discover Dwarf Fortress

  • ... Dwarf Fortress. Dwarf ... dwarves, including dirt for farms and stone for crafting and smithing. ... Now we have some room to carve our our beautiful fortress!

  • Goals: Learn the basics of digging  Learn how stairs work Dig out a mighty fortress [3.1] – The Basics of Digging Before we can get to digging, we need to learn about the z-levels of Dwarf Fo…

13. 0006896: Mining a vein or cluster leaves floor tiles of the layer stone ...

  • 9 jul 2014 · Dwarf Fortress, Dwarf Mode -- Environment ... When a non-layer stone is mined out in fortress ... I kinda like it. It feels more like you're carving ...

  • [edit] The same thing happens with feature stone - no more adamantine floors.

14. Gifts (Origins) | Dragon Age Wiki - Fandom

  • Dragon Age: Dark Fortress · Dragon Age: The Missing. Back ... A small stone carving of a humanoid warrior. ... Acquired from the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town. It can ...

  • See Feastday Gifts and Pranks for the set of DLC gifts. Gifts can be sold to merchants or given to certain companions to influence their approval ratings. The party members appreciate their gifts, more or less, depending on each gift's value and their personal motivations. There is a limited number of gifts in the game. Also, with each additional gift given to the same character, the approval bonus you get from each subsequent gift decreases by 1 (to a minimum of +1 approval) per gift, excluding

15. Chapter 398: When a Plan Comes Together...and Explodes.

  • The mugs of the twin professors were glowing with imbued storm mana, and when the half-dwarf engineer had noticed, he carved glowing runes on his own mug that ...

  • Rory and his clan had rarely been asked to provide their services in such a dangerous and chaotic environment. Serving coffee to the Dark Fey during the (...)

16. The Art of Stone Carving - Picture This Framing & Gallery

  • 14 sep 2023 · Initially, stone carving was believed to have been created in the Paleolithic era – 10,000 BC. However, there have been subsequent discoveries, ...

  • Initially, stone carving was believed to have been created in the Paleolithic era – 10,000 BC.  However, there have been subsequent discoveries, one of which was the stone sculpture – the Venus of Hohle Fels, which was discovered in southwestern Germany in 2008 and was made between 33,000 and 38,000 years ago.  Another known ancient art, is a set of ... Read the article

17. Dwarf fortress trading offer - polkjumbo - Weebly

  • 11 feb 2024 · Do not mix this up with Stoneworking, Stone Carving, Stonecutting, Stone Engraving. I also max out the Stonecrafting skill for one dwarf. I ...

  • I also max out a Jeweler and place their workshop right next door. Then set a craftsdwarf workshop to make rock crafts endlessly.

18. Dwarf Fortress - Tips on How to Trade - Gameplay Tips

  • 13 jul 2023 · Do not mix this up with Stoneworking, Stone Carving, Stonecutting, Stone Engraving. On the Work details tab, create a new work detail and ...

  • As long as you have assigned a Broker that isn't busy with other labors, and set the Trade Depot to request the Broker, the Trade...

Dwarf Fortress Stone Carving (2024)


What is the difference between stone cutting and Stone carving in Dwarf Fortress? ›

Stone cutting is making things at a mason's workshop (I've confirmed this) masonry is building buildings with stone I assume (I haven't confirmed that or any of the following), Stone carving is stone crafts I would assume, and engraving is smoothing and engraving walls.

How to start Stone carving? ›

Start carving by cutting parallel rows about an inch apart in the stone, creating ridges and grooves. Hold the chisel at an angle that just bites into the stone, but not so steeply that it will bury the tool.

What is the best stone for Stone carving? ›

Metamorphic: Metamorphic rocks are formed when a sedimentary layer is exposed to heat and pressure and undergoes a chemical change which forms a new crystalline material. After metamorphism, limestone becomes marble. Marble has been the most preferred stone for carving since the time of the ancient Greeks.

What do you make with stone in Dwarf Fortress? ›

The normal way to deal with excess stone is to make something out of it that does compact (mugs, furniture, stone blocks if you still want to build with it). Stockpile em out of the way, or just ignore them for now. Eventually, you will make enough stuff out of rock that they'll use up all the rocks laying around.

Is stone cutter better than crafting? ›

Stonecutting is also more efficient than crafting for certain recipes. Crafting stairs is more efficient with a stonecutter than a crafting table, as 6 full blocks are crafted into 4 stairs, while stonecutter yields 1 stair per full block.

What is the hardest stone to carve? ›

The hardest stone frequently carved is granite, at about 8 on the Mohs scale. It is the most durable of sculptural stones and, correspondingly, an extremely difficult stone to work. Basalt columns, being even harder than the granite, are less frequently carved.

What is the best tool for stone carving? ›

The mini grinder with a 4 1/2" blade is an extremely useful tool for stone carving. On the softer stones, inexpensive carbide masonry cutting and grinding discs can be used. Diamond blades are required for the harder stones like granite, but can also be used on the softer stones.

What stone is easiest to carve? ›

Soft stone such as chalk, soapstone, pumice and Tufa can be easily carved with found items such as harder stone or in the case of chalk even the fingernail. Limestones and marbles can be worked using abrasives and simple iron tools.

What two stones are used for stone carving? ›

Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference. Sculptors use all kinds of stone to make sculptures. Everything from soft stones like soapstone, limestone, and marble, to much garder stones like granite, to semiprecious stones like jade and quartz.

What is the most valuable material in Dwarf Fortress? ›

Heavy metals are also great for blunt weapons (basically just silver). Copper is very valuable (for weapons/armor) if no iron (or little iron) exists, but it's better as an alloy. Iron is most valuable as steel but still valuable regardless (for weapons/armor and magma safe material).

How do you turn stone into mud in Dwarf Fortress? ›

You can muddy a stone tile to turn it functionally identical soil. It just needs water on it. Run a river through the planned location or dump some water with buckets from a z-level above. Place stairs going up one tile, may need a single tile of floor as well on the top part.

What makes Dwarf Fortress so special? ›

Dwarf fortress is amazing because it doesn't use randomness. Random generation is only used to make the world's starting conditions and the unique personalities of every living creature, and from there everything proceeds based of something that happened. In addition, dwarf fortress emphasizes time management.

What is the difference between smoothing and engraving dwarf fortress? ›

Dwarf Fortress

Do they prefer one of those? Smoothed stone has a much higher value, and will thus make them happier. You can increase the value even more by engraving it after smoothing, which you can't do with constructed walls. Floors work similarly.

What is the difference between a stone carver and sculptor? ›

The stone carver generally uses a shallower stroke at this point in the process, usually in combination with a wooden mallet. Eventually the sculptor has changed the stone from a rough block into the general shape of the finished statue.

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