Imperialism Flocabulary Quiz Answers (2024)

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  • Browse imperialism quiz resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational ...

  • Browse imperialism quiz resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources.

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  • Imperialism Flocabulary. imperialism-fill-ins.pdf. File Size: 29 kb. File Type ... World War 1 Quiz. Picture. Treaty of Versailles Reading--Use the reading to ...

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  • Chapter 27.1 ... Imperialism - Flocabulary Imperialism - Crash Course Congo and It's History – Crash Course ... Answer the following questions.

  • What is Imperialism? – a time period in which “stronger, more advanced” countries began taking over “less developed” areas, colonizing them and/or influencing them to expand their own power.

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  • These quizzes are low stakes, short answer and are open book with ... Mechanisms of Imperialism: chap 9.163-174 [FrankChap9.pdf] ... ...

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  • Quiz or worksheet covering the terminology that will be introduced when discussing the New Imperialism with World History students. There are 39 words total. This can be used in conjunction with the New Imperialism word search, crossword, and flash cards.

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Imperialism Flocabulary Quiz Answers (2024)


What is imperialism quizizz? ›

when a powerful nation takes control of the economy and government of a weaker nation.

What is imperialism quizlet? ›

Imperialism. A policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries poitically, socially, and economically.

What is a system or policy of unequal racial separation in a society? ›

Racial segregation is the separation of people into racial or other ethnic groups in daily life. Segregation can involve the spatial separation of the races, and mandatory use of different institutions, such as schools and hospitals by people of different races.

Which of the following best describes the relationship between the Industrial Revolution and imperialism? ›

Which of the following best describes the relationship between the Industrial Revolution and imperialism? The advancement in production and technology during the Industrial Revolution created a need for natural resources which drove Europeans to other nations that were not industrialized.

What is imperialism your answer? ›

Imperialism can be defined as a doctrine, political strategy, practice, state policy, or advocacy that consists in extending power by territorial acquisition or by extending political and economic control outward over other areas.

Which answer best defines imperialism? ›

Imperialism is the state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other territories and peoples.

What are three reasons for imperialism Quizlet? ›

  • Three causes of imperialism. Nationalism, Economic Competition, Missionary Spirit.
  • Three Effects of imperialism. Colonization, Colonial Economics, Christianization.
  • Nationalism. ...
  • Economic Competition. ...
  • Missionary Spirit. ...
  • Colonization. ...
  • Colonial Economics. ...
  • Christianization.

What is imperialism in short form? ›

The meaning of imperialism is to create an empire, by conquering the other state's lands and therefore increasing its own dominance. Colonialism is the builder and preserver of the colonial possessions in an area by a population coming from a foreign region.

What was a major cause of imperialism? ›

These motives often overlap and interact in order to achieve the imperialistic nation's objectives. The five main motives for imperialism include exploration, economic expansion, increased political power, the diffusion of ideological beliefs, and the spreading of religious beliefs and practices to others.

What is segregation by social custom called? ›

Question 4 1. 1 pts. Segregation by social custom is referred to as. de facto segregation.

What are separate but equal policies? ›

Implementation of the “separate but equal” doctrine gave constitutional sanction to laws designed to achieve racial segregation by means of separate and equal public facilities and services for African Americans and whites.

What is the theory of social segregation? ›

Social segregation refers to the spatial and social separation of different social groups, such as ethnic or socioeconomic groups, within a community or neighborhood. This separation can reinforce inequalities and reflect deeper social problems and prejudices. From: International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2009.

How does imperialism connect to industrialization? ›

Because the Industrial Revolution increased the production capacity of Western states astronomically, there was an enormous hunger for raw materials to satisfy demands. Thus, the Western powers sought colonies where raw materials were abundant and where they could be appropriated at little to no cost.

What came first imperialism or the Industrial Revolution? ›

The relationship between industrial revolution and imperialism is that industrialisation helped in starting imperialism in the 19th century. The period of industrial revolution and British imperialism was from 1750 to 1850. The role of imperialism was to maximize the country's profits.

During which century did the age of imperialism begin? ›

Expert-Verified Answer. The age of imperialism began in the 19th century. It was a period marked by the expansion of Western European powers and, later, the United States, into various parts of Africa, Asia, and other regions.

What is a word that describes imperialism? ›

tendency to extend power or control over others especially through the use of force Violent conquer of other nations is one extreme form of imperialism. hostility. aggression. militarism. jingoism.

What does said mean by imperialism? ›

Edward Said offers the following distinction: “ 'imperialism' means the practice, the theory, and the attitudes of a dominating metropolitan centre ruling a distant territory; 'colonialism', which is almost always a consequence of imperialism, is the implanting of settlements on distant territory” (Said 1993: 8).

How would you describe imperialism to a first grader so they can understand it? ›

Imperialism is the idea of expanding one's territory by taking over another country. This is done by creating colonies, or areas that have been taken over. There are many examples throughout history, and imperialism was even a cause for World War I.

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