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During exactly none of the at least 20 Jesus Lizard shows I saw over the course of the ‘90s did I ever imagine that their frontman/moaner/howler-monkey-in-chief David Yow would have a career afterlife as Jimmy the simpleton janitor. But life’s weird.

Since the Jesus Lizard’s demise and in between its occasional reactivations (and a sojourn as a member of Qui), Yow has shifted direction to graphic arts and acting. He’s published books and appeared in films and music videos (someone please remake Corrupt and cast Yow in either lead role already please and thank you), and his latest project combines acting with that version of “singing” that’s his and his alone. He’s a guest vocalist for two songs on the new Dumb Numbers album, Dumb Numbers II, and the star of their new video.

Dumb Numbers is a recording project of Australian (now Los Angelean) filmmaker Adam Harding, who uses a Delaney-and-Bonnie-ish heavy friends approach to music making, recruiting his many, many collaborators from the ranks of the musicians with whom he’s made connections as a videographer. This includes not only Yow, but members of Sebadoh, Cows, Warpaint, Melvins, Dinosaur Jr., Best Coast, and Einstürzende Neubauten. Harding neatly avoids a too-many-cooks scenario, and the music coheres really well. It’s difficult to pigeonhole his sound, though certainly ‘90s underground rock figures heavily in the mix. Stoner rock, doom, post-metal, and shoegaze are all clear influences, but Harding goes in more for hooks and pop structures than those genres, occupying the huge sonic space of a band like Isis while avoiding the ponderousness that can sometimes submerge that sort of music.

Which brings us back to Jimmy the janitor. David Yow starred as the character in 2012 for a Harding-directed video by the band Useless Children. The following year, Yow would direct the first Dumb Numbers video, “Redrum,” from the band’s eponymous debut album. And now, Yow has, as mentioned above, joined Dumb Numbers as a guest vocalist on two songs from the band’s second album, and in the new video, released just yesterday, “Unbury the Hatchet.” It follows Jimmy through his surreal daylong failed attempt to go to work—with a wonderful derail to a veterinary clinic waiting room populated with grown men in animal costumes.

Yow and Harding were kind enough to take some time to talk with Dangerous Minds about the video and their collaboration.

DM: OK, I know both of you have directed videos before, which one of you directed “Unbury the Hatchet?”

Adam Harding: I did, I directed, shot and edited it. I had directed a video for a band in Melbourne called Useless Children back in 2012. That was the first thing that David and I ever worked on together, and we just had such a blast making that video, and it was the first appearance of the character “Jimmy.” Jimmy is based on a real person. When I lived in Australia I worked at a printing factory, and Jimmy was the janitor there. He was a simple fellow, and he wasn’t the best janitor in the world but he was a really lovely guy. He didn’t talk much but we bonded over music—I had a boombox and he would kind of get into whatever music I was playing. This was in the mid-‘90s. I played the first Folk Implosion record a lot, and he would dance with his broom and shake his butt. He’d headbang to Sepultura.

David Yow: [laughing] How old was Jimmy?

Harding: He would have been in his early to mid-50s then. So this character is based on Jimmy, and we did this Useless Children video with David doing the character. And over the last four years, often David would do something Jimmy-like to make us laugh, so we had a long time to come up with ideas for Jimmy. It was really really fun to be able to do that finally.

DM: OK, so David, this is obviously not someone you’ve had an opportunity to meet, so how did you develop the character, and what does performing the character mean to you?

Yow: Adam has explained to me about Jimmy. When we shot the Useless Children video, I had done some acting job earlier that day where I’d put grey in my temples, and we just kept that in there, and that became part of it to me. Also he wears a coverall uniform with a badge with his name on it, and just putting on the coverall was helpful in becoming someone else. Adam had described that Jimmy was affable, a really nice guy, not a bad bone in his body, very simple. He doesn’t worry about too much. He might be sort of mentally retarded, and with both of these videos we’ve done, he doesn’t say a word except to talk to his mother in the morning, and you don’t hear him. I’ve been doing a lot of acting in the last few years, and it was really easy to slip into that simple place where Jimmy lives.

Harding: And you put the coveralls on and your belly comes out.

Yow: I’m fat now!

Topics | Dangerous Minds (2)
Harding and Yow in “Unbury the Hatchet”

DM: Is the narrative based on anything about the actual Jimmy? Where did that come from?

Harding: It really wasn’t. I can’t remember which ideas came first. At all. I wanted my buddy Bobb from Best Coast to be in it, and he has this kind of bunny-tough persona he does, he has this old dirty bunny costume that he wears when he does solo shows. I wanted Bobb to be in the video, and from there came the gorilla costume, trying to incorporate those. I knew I wanted Jimmy to be going to work and never getting there.

Yow: And just so you and the rest of the world know, the Gorilla is Matt Cronk from Qui.

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        Dangerous Minds (2024)


What movie is based on Carlmont High School? ›

Dangerous Minds is a drama released in 1995, based on an autobiography by retired U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson, 'My Posse Don't Do Homework. ' She took up an English teaching position at Carlmont High School, East Palo Alto, California, after the U.S. Marine Corps.

What happened to the actor who played Emilio in Dangerous Minds? ›

Wade Dominguez, the actor who played Emilio, died of respiratory failure 3 years after this film was released. He was 32.

Is Dangerous Minds worth watching? ›

Dangerous Minds Reviews

Often these students seem a little too easy to tame, but on this level, Dangerous Minds is enjoyable. If you liked Sidney Portier in To Sir With Love, this is the film for you. [Dangerous Minds] tells a story that, frankly, we've heard before.

What school is Dangerous Minds based on? ›

The school at which LouAnne Johnson taught, Carlmont High School in Belmont, California, was considered as a filming location, but Burlingame High School in Burlingame was used as the filming location for all the outside scenes, and some indoor scenes filmed at neighboring San Mateo High School.

What is the movie about getting the whole school high? ›

When their diabolical high school principal implements a new drug testing policy, a straight-A student - high for the first time - turns to a total stoner for help. Their outrageous solution - get the whole school baked!

What movie was filmed at Venice High school? ›

The most famous of them is Grease. It was filmed in 1978 and starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Venice High continues to be well-connected with and well-supported by the community.

Is Dangerous Minds based off a true story? ›

Is “Dangerous Minds” based on a true story? Yes, “Dangerous Minds” is inspired by the autobiography “My Posse Don't Do Homework” by LouAnne Johnson, who also served as a consultant and advisor for the film.

Who is the Mexican guy in Dangerous Minds? ›

Wade Dominguez (May 10, 1966 – August 26, 1998) was an American actor, model, singer, and dancer best known for his portrayal as Emilio Ramírez in Dangerous Minds.

What movie is Gangsta's Paradise from? ›

Certified Platinum in October, the song was included on Coolio's second album, Gangsta's Paradise, in November 1995. Its music video was directed by Antoine Fuqua and featured Michelle Pfeiffer. The song is taken from Pfeiffer's movie, Dangerous Minds and the music video is also themed around the movie.

Why is Michelle Pfeiffer so rich? ›

Michelle Pfeiffer's net worth has definitely grown from her time as a courtroom stenographer. The three-time Academy Award nominee has been a Hollywood mainstay since the early 80s. She's starred in a variety of movies across multiple genres, from dramas to musicals to even superhero movies!

What is the 90s movie about teacher helping troubled students? ›

Sign in to vote. Dangerous Minds is a 1995 drama produced by Jerry Buckinhamer and stars Michelle Pfieffer and Courtney B Vance. A former marine named Louanne Johnson(Pfieffer) becomes a teacher in an all African American High School who all come from tough backgrounds.

Why is Dangerous Minds rated R? ›

Graphic language which is the main reason the film is Rated R. As an example of level of adult language, there are 41 F words throughout.

Can a 12 year old watch Dangerous Minds? ›

There is only language including the ''N'' word (If your child does not know of the word I would say it would be okay, just make sure they don't repeat it!), a few kisses, a bit of sexual innuendo and some smoking. So, please do watch it with your 12 year old.

What city was Dangerous Minds filmed in? ›

The film was shot at various locations around the Los Angeles area, with more than one third at the Washington Middle School in Pasadena. Some filming also took place at Burlingame High School in Northern California. Interiors were shot on a sound stage at the Warner-Hollywood Studios.

What movie is the parody of Dangerous Minds? ›

Product details. Idealistic teacher Richard Clark (Jon Lovitz) leaves a posh private academy to take a job at crime-riddled inner-city Marion Barry High in this wild spoof of "Blackboard Jungle" and "Dangerous Minds"-style dramas.

What movie is Crenshaw High School in? ›

Film locations

In 2001, the book And Still We Rise, written by Miles Corwin, chronicled the lives of twelve seniors in the Crenshaw High Gifted & Talented Magnet program in their quest to obtain an education—amidst formidable obstacles. It was also featured in the 2018 film A Wrinkle in Time.

What is the movie about the high school with Morgan Freeman? ›

The dedicated but tyrannical Joe Clark is appointed the principal of a decaying inner-city school he is determined to improve by any and all means. The dedicated but tyrannical Joe Clark is appointed the principal of a decaying inner-city school he is determined to improve by any and all means.

What movie is Sherman Oaks High School from? ›

Sherman Oaks High is a public high school where Devi and her friends and fellow Alumni, Eleanor and Fabiola along with Ben and Paxton attended. It is a central location in Never Have I Ever.

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